Movie creation at the film school in Prague | EN

At the Prague Film Institute film school, you can study not only movie creation but also production or game design under the supervision of experienced teachers. No matter what you are interested in from the world of film, you will certainly choose something at Prague Film Institute film school.

Semester courses

You will gradually deal with these fields within the framework of two to four semester courses:

  • The subject matter itself. You will learn how to write or select the subject matter properly.
  • You will try how to shoot in fully-equipped studios.
  • You will cut the taken shots in the editing rooms.
  • You need a skilled director so that everything works like a clockwork. All this will be showed to you during your studies. How to lead a team properly or how to prepare and plan everything.
  • Computer animation is increasingly used. Their basic creation is also a part of our courses.
  • Production and postproduction is an integral part of the whole production of the film. Separate courses at our film school. You will learn the basics even during the classic film making program.

You do not have to worry that the study is just a simple theory. A majority of the program consists of practical demonstrations and exercises in fully-equipped studios. Everything you learn you will then also try.

Studying at this international film school is in English. In order to graduate, your English must be at an advanced B2 level. All other information will be available to you at the school’s study department. Contacts including all study programs and details can be found at

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