Custom software that meets all your wishes

Custom software that meets all your wishes | EN

Are you looking for software that would meet all your wishes and requirements? If this is the case do not hesitate to contact Memos, a Czech software development company, which has over fifteen years of experience in providing its clients with quality customized software services. Our custom software will become an integral part of your business. As a result, you will gain a considerable advantage ahead of your competitors.

Tailored IT solutions

Memos, a software company from the Czech Republic, has over the years become one of the leading bespoke software development companies, specifically because of their expertise and experience. At Memos, we work with our customers in close partnership in order to ensure that all of your wishes are met. Throughout the development, you will be able to test the software regularly so that the final product is tailored exactly to your specific needs.

Custom software that meets all your wishes

Variety of technologies

Whether a small or large-sized company, whatever your needs might be, don‘t hesitate and get in touch with us. Memos software can offer customized software for a variety of sectors while using a wide range of technologies. Our team of experts can easily handle a large number of technological tools such as C#, Vue.js, PHP, JavaScript, Microsoft .NET, Microsoft Access and Azure.

Our outstanding products

At Memos Software we have completed more than 1000 successful projects. A large number of our key solutions are used by many businesses all around the world. Some of the outstanding products that we have created include eWay – a bespoke CRM system which is integrated directly into the Microsoft Outlook and serves as an effective tool for efficient business management, and Redque – a software for automatic document processing. Among our clients are well-known companies such as Peugeot, Hill’s, Invenias and L’oreal.

Don‘t hesitate and become part of our company.

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